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7 best ice cream shops in Lisbon (LX)

Gelado_Ice Cream

What’s the best thing to eat in these times of such good weather? That’s right, ICE CREAM 😊

We suggest you take a look at this list that we have for you. Here are our recommendations for the 7 best ice cream shops in the city of Lisbon. We challenge you to try and give us your opinion!


  • Mú – Campo Mártires da Pátria

These ice creams are made in the traditional Italian style by two adventurers who decided to leave Verona for Lisbon. Did you know that all the fruit used here in the flavors is from Portuguese origin? With so many options it is difficult to choose just one scoop of ice cream!


  • Santini – Chiado

There are those who consider these ice creams to be the best in life, we are not sure, but we can guarantee that they are extremely delicious and you can not fail to taste them! It is one of the oldest ice cream shops in Portugal.


  • Amorino – Chiado

This time the ice creams become flowers that can attract the attention of anyone who passes in front of this ice cream parlor. Here the traditional cones are decorated with flower-shaped ice cream, and you can choose a different flavor for each petal!


  • Pizpireto – Marquês de Pombal

The famous artisanal ice cream sticks, based on milk or fruit, can be found not only in the ice cream shop but also on wheels. They bet on the concept of foodtruck so if you take a walk through Belém you can come to find these wonderful ice creams.


  • LucDuc – Campolide

In this ice cream shop, lactose intolerants are not left out, the creators of the famous LucDuc think of everything and have lactose-free options. We confirm that they are all irresistibly good and the space is located in a residential neighborhood of Lisbon!


  • Quinta dos Açores – Cais do Sodré

They use ingredients of our Portuguese island, Azores. Here you will be able to travel and get to know a little more about the flavors of our country in a glass or cone. It has more than 30 flavors created. The milk they use comes from cows that are raised in free range and very happy, and who are we desagree.


  • Surf – Areeiro

This is one of the most sought after ice cream parlors in Lisbon, and certainly caters for all tastes, it has more than 50 flavors created. Surf was founded in 1978 and until today it has its doors open to all sweet tooth.


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6 fantastic apartments for home office

Home office is a current and present reality in all countries of the world.

Working from home can be a challenge, but here you can see our accommodations 2WORK that will ease this task! Equipped apartments with all conditions needed to make your work from home more comfortable, autonomous and profitable:

1 – Campo de Ourique – Modern Bright Apt with AC

Here you have an exclusive workplace. There is a space in the apartment where you can have all your working tools on hand. Equipped with a desk, a comfortable chair and a lamp, this work area has plenty of natural light so you can concentrate and avoid distractions.


2 – Anjos Lovers – Cozy Bright Apt with Terrace

Follow your working hours and prepare your meals. Make your scheduled hours to avoid working over or under, respect your meal breaks so you can be more productive. With the fully equipped kitchen in this apartment you can prepare and eat delicious meals, to have energy to continue your workday.


3- Santos Stylish Cozy Apt – with AC_Green Terrace

Don’t sit for too long. The wonderful terrace of this apartment is the ideal reason to want to take a break. Take care of your posture, stretch and avoid long periods without moving. In the workplace we are always moving, even if it is to go out for lunch, conversations with colleagues or coffee breaks.


4- Intendente Modern Bright Duplex Apt with AC

Create a routine and prepare yourself as if you were going out. It is very easy to let ourselves be sloppy. Set the alarm clock at the usual time (or a few minutes later), get ready and dress like you’re going to work. This apartment, with a very modern suite room, will help you to not skip this step.


5- Lisboner Great Family Apt with Garage

Get your work space organized. Here you will find an office with the necessary storage to have everything in order! Do it at least once a week. If office desks are upside down easily, we don’t even want to imagine them in remote work spaces, where personal belongings are already mixed with professionals. Productive work only happens in productive environments.


6- Sao Bento Stylish Cozy Apt with AC Balcony

Get into ‘’ offline mode ’’. Once your working hours are over, leave work, take a deep breath and view your accommodation as your home, not your place of work. Certainly, the decor and comfort of this apartment will warm you up and make you forget the day’s work. Not to mention the view you can enjoy while having a drink on the balcony.

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5 of the most interesting neighborhoods in Lisbon

It is very easy to fall in love with Lisbon! The city has color and life in addition to the sights and buildings with iconic architecture to visit. There are 5 neighborhoods that we find very interesting to explore in Lisbon. Check our tips:


  1. Alfama – The oldest and most genuine neighborhood in Lisbon. Labyrinths of narrow streets and colorful buildings with clothes on the balcony drying, which are totally worth a visit. Alfama is the ideal place to get lost not only in alleys, but also in love. This area that looks more like a small enchanted village has a great atmosphere, with lots of life and music. Typical Fado houses, excellent restaurants and snack bars can be found. Many good portuguese people live in Alfama, but also young people and foreigners who want to live the true portuguese spirit.


  1. Graça – A neighborhood full of tradition. It offers a wide variety of traditional shops, you don’t have to walk far to find what you’re looking for! Busy streets, flea markets, beautiful viewpoints, gardens and delicious restaurants are more than enough reasons to want to visit the Graça neighborhood. Here it is possible to find the perfect balance between genuine Lisboners and the most recent residents who arrived, including foreigners who were captivated by this area and prestigious location.


  1. Marvila – Currently it is considered as one of the most trendy neighborhoods in the city. This area has been growing and is very diverse! Here you can find craft beer factories, art galleries, skate parks, lots of culture and entertainment and coworking spaces. In addition to having a lot to visit, it is also possible to rent a workspace, meeting rooms and studios. There is room for all ideas and dreams. Marvila is inhabited by those looking to escape the confusion as it is 10 minutes from the city center and it also has a beautiful view of Rio Tejo. Major projects are being developed in this area, which will bring it even more potential!


  1. Estrela – This area has an unavoidable dynamism, cultural and religious diversity. It is considered one of the most exclusive areas of Lisbon, with several historic buildings that have great heritage value and also a large part of the embassies. It is possible to enjoy moments of leisure and tranquility in the beautiful Jardim da Estrela and by the river – due to its proximity. Here people live in a more familiar and peaceful environment, although this is a very central area with lots of entertainment.


  1. Chiado – The trendy neighborhood that is always included in people’s plans. Whether for a coffee, meeting or shopping this is one of the great destinations chosen. In addition to being in the historic center, we cannot remain indifferent to its elegance. We can find theaters, museums, international brand stores, and restaurants. We cannot forget the famous pastry shop ‘’ A Brasileira’’ where great figures of the arts and letters, like Eça de Queirós or Fernando Pessoa, didn’t give up their coffee. It is ideal for those who like to make plans, there is plenty of life and entertainment. Everything is easily accessible. We consider that it is a cosmopolitan environment that brings together locals and tourists, all surrendered to the charm of this neighborhood.

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5 must-see places around Lisbon

Lisbon is a wonderful city full of attractions, culture and history, and in its surroundings, there are fantastic places to be explored as well. In addition to Sintra and Cascais, which are already very famous, there are also paradisiacal beaches with translucent water, small historic villages with castles, and trails with stunning views. These places do not have easy access by public transport, but it is worth having your own means of transport and freeing your pioneering spirit. Although the choice is not easy since the range of options is very wide, here is our list of 5 must-see places to visit.
Azenhas do Mar: ~ 45min from Lisbon
This village is a true masterpiece made up of houses that extend along the bank and end into the Atlantic Ocean. It is not for nothing that King D. Carlos and his wife D. Amélia were once a royal vacation spot. Located in the Demarcated Region of Colares, a wine region known for its sandy ground vineyards, it frames the famous bay where a pool of natural sea water was built.
Penedo: ~ 40min from Lisbon
One of the most traditional villages, Aldeia de Penedo is in the parish of Sintra at the top of a hillside in the Serra de Sintra, in the heart of the Sintra Cascais Natural Park. Take advantage of the visit to take a walk through the alleys and steep streets with no logic of direction where to start and end.
Praia da Ursa: ~ 50min from Lisbon
For adventurers and with good physical preparation, Praia da Ursa is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the most deserted in Portugal due to its complicated access and a bit dangerous. What matters is that the effort will be worth it.
Sesimbra: ~ 1 hour from Lisbon
Vila de Sesimbra is a beautiful bet to get to know. You can visit the village castle which has free access and from there you will see a beautiful view of the village accompanied by the sea line and the vegetation of the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park. If you are also looking for fresh fish, this is the best place with restaurants with sea views and quality fish.
Portinho da Arrábida: ~ 1 hour 20min from Lisbon
One of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, this beach is in the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park. There, in addition to the fine white sand with clear water varying in its blue and green tones, there is also the immensity of the Serra’s vegetation that makes up a stunning setting to relax and admire the beautiful things in life.
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The 5 best typical Portuguese deserts

When visiting Lisbon even if you are not on vacation forget your diet! In this case, we will treat sugar as our best friend and present you the 5 best desserts typical of Portugal and where you can find them in Lisbon.


  1. Sericaia
    This typical Alentejo conventual sweet, has a soft texture and brings that sweetness that is missing from the table. The Magano, located in Campo de Ourique in Lisbon, serves, in addition to delicious Alentejo dishes for a special dinner, the famous sericaia.
  2. Bolo de Bolacha
    Casa da Esquina da Fé is a Portuguese tavern that serves generous portions of typical Portuguese cuisine. The desserts are homemade, and their biscuit cake is very creamy, but at the same time firm. It is a great option to finish your meal.
  3. Pudim Abade de Priscos
    This sweet is typical of the region of Braga, made with lots of eggs, sugar and bacon. Casa dos Eggs Moles is the ideal place to enjoy a good coffee accompanied by this Portuguese conventual sweet.
  4. Ovos Moles
    This sweet is typical of the Aveiro region. Fortunately, Casa dos Ovos Moles, located in Lisbon’s Estrela neighborhood, sells individual servings. Try to resist eating only 1, in the end, you will leave with a box with a few more units for later.
  5. Pastel de Tentugal
    Although this sweet is typical of the Tentúgal area, we managed to find this delicacy in Lisbon. The Pousadinha (Cais do Sodré) follows the traditional recipe of the 16th century Carmelite nuns.


Of course, the famous pastel de nata is also a dessert to be tasted during your stay. Check our recommendations of The 5 best Portuguese-egg-tarts in Lisbon

After tasting all these Portuguese delicacies, it is worth taking tours that demand a beautiful walk! Check here our list of neighborhoods to explore in Lisbon.

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The 7 best Portuguese taverns in Lisbon

In Lisbon, people eat very well, even in restaurants that do not show “luxury and status”. The famous Portuguese Tascas, which are typically modest restaurants that serve generous portions and good traditional Portuguese food. Normally, you do not pay more than € 15 per person (with drink included). Let’s go to our selection list of the 7 best Tascas:
  1. Tasquinha do Lagarto – Campolide
    This tavern excels for good food! It is worthwhile to order the famous octopus à lagareiro or grouper rice. Save space for the well-known biscuit cake with chocolate mousse.
  2. Adega Solar do Minhoto – Alvalade
    Here, there is no shortage of good Minho food, be it rojões (fried pork meat) and cod from Minho to lamprey, on demand when it is time. Arrive early, as the house is small and does not accept reservations.
  3. Cardoso da Estrela de Ouro – Graça
    In this house, the walls by themselves already demonstrate their art, whether by the drawings of Noberto Lobo or by the old-fashioned tiles that give a typical Portuguese look. But the most art is the one that comes to the table, known for the famous patties and croquettes, you should also try the kid or cod to the Minho.
  4. Das Flores
    Here everything on the menu of dishes available on the day has guaranteed success. From the famous cod or cod pastries to lagareiro to soups full of flavor. Get there early, as the capacity of people is restricted by the space being very small, cozy and well known.
  5. Green Apple – Santa Apolonia
    For a tavern, it is quite spacious and with lots of natural light. The famous chanfana (old goat meat) , cod and cuttlefish roasted in the style of the house are the flagship of this establishment.
  6. Verde Minho – Rossio
    Located on a curve in Calçada Santana, it serves half doses that are enough for 2 people. Dishes with preparations on the charcoal grill are the best part of the varied menu according to the days of the week.
  7. Zé dos Cornos – Mouraria
    Upon arriving and entering the tavern you will understand why the name of this space. Installed in Mouraria with wine from the land of Ponte Lima, its facilities have grills that make delicious meat dishes, such as the unmissable Piano, and fish, always accompanied by the famous bean rice.

After the main dishes, see here the list we prepared with the 5 best typical Portuguese desserts.

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Top 3 Playful Activities in Lisbon “Out of the Box”

There are many “traditional” programs to be done in Lisbon. If you want to get to know the city’s culture and live unique and different experiences during your visit to Lisbon, see here our list of recommendations for original programs in Lisbon:


  1. Cooking Class with Compadre
    Learn a little more about Portuguese culture by pleasing your partner “stomach”. Take this opportunity to learn a little more about Portuguese gastronomy with your hands on the job. Schedule your trip and book your class at Compadre Cooking School (
  2. Underground visit to the Loreto Gallery
    Explore the city of Lisbon by an underground path! Walk in the basement of the city of Lisbon, between the Jardim das Amoreiras and the São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint, covering about 1,200 meters under the asphalt. There are not many companies that have access to this activity, so look for those with the programming already done in “Viralegenda” (link).
  3. River Tagus Tour
    Escape the crowds on land and enjoy a beautiful sunset with a glass of wine and a breathtaking view of the best spots in Lisbon! Embark on this guided outdoor boat tour and discover historical and cultural information in a different way.
Now that you have explored the city of Lisbon well, how about discovering the wonders that surround it? Check our tips here 5 must-see places around Lisbon.
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The 5 best Portuguese-egg-tarts in Lisbon

Pastel de nata (Portuguese-egg-tarts) is a Portuguese specialty that leaves tourists and Lisboners with mouth water. There are cafes and enclosures that protect the recipe of this conventual delicacy. Let’s embark on this delicious adventure and taste the most crunchy, crispy, and creamy custard tarts.
  1. Manteigaria Pastry Shop – Rua do Loreto, 2
  2. Pastelaria Batalha – R. Horta Seca 1
  3. Pastelaria Alcôa – 37 Garrett Street
  4. Pastelaria Aloma – Rua Francisco Metrass, 67
  5. Pastelaria Saga – Largo Graça 134
Don’t forget to also try the famous Pastel de Belém and choose the one who is the champion of your podium.
If you like the art of cooking and want to learn a little more about Portuguese culture by making this wonderful dessert, Compadre Cooking School (link: can help you! Visit the Compadre Cooking School website to learn more.
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Top 10 must-do things in Lisbon

Lisbon is a cosmopolitan city full of charm, historic neighborhoods and places to discover. There is a wide range of attractions for all types of visitors, from streets with stunning architecture-winning buildings to museums and typical Portuguese gastronomic experiences.
We have separated here a list with a selection of unmissable things to do in Lisbon in this TOP 10.


  1. Riding on a vintage electric tram
    Means of transport widely used by most Lisboners, the tram running on the rails is something very typical of the city. It is the best way to explore the picturesque neighborhoods of Lisbon and at the same time enjoy the scenery when using this surface transport line. The most famous line is that of career no28 that runs through the entire historic center of the city.
  2. Tasting the famous pastel de Belém
    Those who do not try the famous pasteis de Belém (Portuguese-egg-tarts) cannot say that they were in Lisbon. Unmistakable symbol of Portuguese gastronomy, the pastel de Belém (Portuguese-egg-tarts) has a secular secret recipe that pleases the palate of people from all over the world. In addition to the famous pastéis de Belém (Portuguese-egg-tarts) , see here also our recommendations to taste the pastéis de nata (Portuguese-egg-tarts) and make a comparison of which is the best.
  3.  Visit the Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower
    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these two tourist sites of Manueline Gothic heritage and incredible engineering works impress by their exuberant beauty. It is worth visiting not only for the historical factor but also for its details that refer to the maritime aspects and the voyages of the great navigators.
  4. Have lunch in a typical Portuguese tavern
    Another activity to lift anyone’s mood after a morning full of sightseeing is to have lunch in a typical Portuguese tavern. There are many options in the historic districts of Graça, Mouraria, Alfama or even in the city center. Be sure to visit our Portuguese tavern tips here.
  5. Visit the São Jorge Castle and stroll through the streets of Alfama
    Castelo de S. Jorge, located in the old medieval citadel, is a notable monument visited not only to enjoy the beautiful view of the city of Lisbon, but also to learn about its history. Alfama, which is right next to the Castle, is one of the most typical neighborhoods in Lisbon with its labyrinth of narrow streets, viewpoints and fado houses, be sure to visit this place in Lisbon that has a lot to offer!
  6. Listening to a Fado
    Fado is recognized as a symbol of Portugal that sings emotions, feelings from love and longing for conquests and everyday situations, and has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Here are some places where you can hear Lisbon’s urban song (some free): Tasca do Chico, Tasca do Jaime, and Mesa de Frades.
  7. Visit the Oceanarium
    Lisbon Oceanariums, located at Parque das Nações, is the second largest aquarium in Europe. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, and meet the more than 15,000 living beings and more than 450 different species, including sharks, arrais and tropical fish. It is a playful activity for both adults and children.
  8. Have a fun night in Bairro Alto

    Bairro Alto, a historic and picturesque neighborhood in Lisbon, changes dramatically from day to night. During the day, there is a movement of people walking and exploring the narrow streets with restricted vehicle access. During the night, the streets give space to the nightlife of the bars with music that promise to guarantee fun until the wee hours. Don’t worry about choosing the bars, just go to the main street (Rua do Norte), and from there you can jump from bar to bar until you reach the one you like best – explore the parallel and perpendicular streets, there is an option for all tastes.
  9. Visit the Terreiro do Paço (Praça do Comércio)
    Visit the most majestic square of Baixa de Lisboa, Praça do Comércio (also known as Terreiro do Paço) composed of historic buildings, such as the Arco da Rua Augusta considered one of the ex-libris of the city of Lisbon. Situated in front of the Tagus River, it has already housed the Palace of the Kings of Portugal, and its magnificent library of more than 70,000 volumes. Nowadays it is occupied by Portuguese ministries, government departments, hotels and restaurants. There you can also visit the famous Arco da Rua Augusta and the Lisbon Story Center to learn a little more about the history of the city of Lisbon.
  10. Visit Parque Eduardo VII
    This is the largest park in Lisbon, located at the top of Marques de Pombal Square at the north end of Avenida da Liberdade. In this park, you can visit the
    Estufa Fria de Lisboa, a true green corner in the middle of the urban scenery, located on the left side of Parque Eduardo VII for those who climb the Marques de Pombal Square. On the other side of Parque Eduardo VII, you can admire the beautiful Portuguese tile murals that compose historical scenes on the walls of the Carlos Lopes Pavilion. Finally, at the top of the Park you can see the famous Monument to the 25th of April and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Lisbon.
Now let’s move on to the delicious part of the trip, the one that touches the pleasures of the stomach. Check here The 7 best Portuguese taverns in Lisbon !