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What we offer

Our main purposes are to bring you the best experience with your property in Lisbon and provide an unforgettable stay to our guests through a unique stay experience.

Earn more with the house rental! With our expertise, we develop tailor-made strategies to maximize your property’s income and occupancy rate. We offer a complete support service for property management in the rental market and solutions for all needs you may have in Lisbon. We also care about guests! We want to provide you an unforgettable stay and unique experiences. A personalized follow-up and availability 7 days a week, which result in better reviews and recommendations on the properties about our management.


  • Property verification & evaluation
  • Property legalization
  • Professional photo shoot
  • Inventory

  • Property promotion & Management of reservations and reviews
  • Smart pricing (maximizing profit)
  • Welcome Kit offer for our guests
  • Personalized Check-in, Check-out & Guest support during your stay

  • Support to maintenance, cleaning & laundry service
  • Bridge2Lisbon Bed and Bath Linen
  • SEF registration, city tax collection & guest billing
  • Monthly performance report

Additional Services

Tastefully furnish and decorate your property so that you can profit the most out of it and save time

Equip the apartment with safety kits, dishes, cookware your property for short and medium-term stays

Hire television channels, internet, water, gas and electricity services




Get in touch and fill out a form to get a free profitability study on your property. After understanding and reviewing the entire bureaucratic part, we can start our services.


Property Reception and Preparation

Upon receiving the property, we will make an analysis of the existing conditions and equipment and if needed we suggest possible improvements taking into account the best market practices, and the guests current needs.
We conduct the entire process for the leasing practice and regulation. Legal issues, as well as tax and security requirements.
We prepare a marketing plan and organize a professional photo shoot to prepare your ad.


Go live!

After everything is ready, we launch your ad on best suitable channels that we consider most appropriate and, finally, we grant you access to our property management system. Have 24/7 access to our online, web responsive system where you can follow the performance of your property!


Check our gallery of apartments decorated by our team with exquisite taste