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5 of the most interesting neighborhoods in Lisbon

It is very easy to fall in love with Lisbon! The city has color and life in addition to the sights and buildings with iconic architecture to visit. There are 5 neighborhoods that we find very interesting to explore in Lisbon. Check our tips:


  1. Alfama – The oldest and most genuine neighborhood in Lisbon. Labyrinths of narrow streets and colorful buildings with clothes on the balcony drying, which are totally worth a visit. Alfama is the ideal place to get lost not only in alleys, but also in love. This area that looks more like a small enchanted village has a great atmosphere, with lots of life and music. Typical Fado houses, excellent restaurants and snack bars can be found. Many good portuguese people live in Alfama, but also young people and foreigners who want to live the true portuguese spirit.


  1. Graça – A neighborhood full of tradition. It offers a wide variety of traditional shops, you don’t have to walk far to find what you’re looking for! Busy streets, flea markets, beautiful viewpoints, gardens and delicious restaurants are more than enough reasons to want to visit the Graça neighborhood. Here it is possible to find the perfect balance between genuine Lisboners and the most recent residents who arrived, including foreigners who were captivated by this area and prestigious location.


  1. Marvila – Currently it is considered as one of the most trendy neighborhoods in the city. This area has been growing and is very diverse! Here you can find craft beer factories, art galleries, skate parks, lots of culture and entertainment and coworking spaces. In addition to having a lot to visit, it is also possible to rent a workspace, meeting rooms and studios. There is room for all ideas and dreams. Marvila is inhabited by those looking to escape the confusion as it is 10 minutes from the city center and it also has a beautiful view of Rio Tejo. Major projects are being developed in this area, which will bring it even more potential!


  1. Estrela – This area has an unavoidable dynamism, cultural and religious diversity. It is considered one of the most exclusive areas of Lisbon, with several historic buildings that have great heritage value and also a large part of the embassies. It is possible to enjoy moments of leisure and tranquility in the beautiful Jardim da Estrela and by the river – due to its proximity. Here people live in a more familiar and peaceful environment, although this is a very central area with lots of entertainment.


  1. Chiado – The trendy neighborhood that is always included in people’s plans. Whether for a coffee, meeting or shopping this is one of the great destinations chosen. In addition to being in the historic center, we cannot remain indifferent to its elegance. We can find theaters, museums, international brand stores, and restaurants. We cannot forget the famous pastry shop ‘’ A Brasileira’’ where great figures of the arts and letters, like Eça de Queirós or Fernando Pessoa, didn’t give up their coffee. It is ideal for those who like to make plans, there is plenty of life and entertainment. Everything is easily accessible. We consider that it is a cosmopolitan environment that brings together locals and tourists, all surrendered to the charm of this neighborhood.

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