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7 best ice cream shops in Lisbon (LX)

What’s the best thing to eat in these times of such good weather? That’s right, ICE CREAM 😊

We suggest you take a look at this list that we have for you. Here are our recommendations for the 7 best ice cream shops in the city of Lisbon. We challenge you to try and give us your opinion!


  • Mú – Campo Mártires da Pátria

These ice creams are made in the traditional Italian style by two adventurers who decided to leave Verona for Lisbon. Did you know that all the fruit used here in the flavors is from Portuguese origin? With so many options it is difficult to choose just one scoop of ice cream!


  • Santini – Chiado

There are those who consider these ice creams to be the best in life, we are not sure, but we can guarantee that they are extremely delicious and you can not fail to taste them! It is one of the oldest ice cream shops in Portugal.


  • Amorino – Chiado

This time the ice creams become flowers that can attract the attention of anyone who passes in front of this ice cream parlor. Here the traditional cones are decorated with flower-shaped ice cream, and you can choose a different flavor for each petal!


  • Pizpireto – Marquês de Pombal

The famous artisanal ice cream sticks, based on milk or fruit, can be found not only in the ice cream shop but also on wheels. They bet on the concept of foodtruck so if you take a walk through Belém you can come to find these wonderful ice creams.


  • LucDuc – Campolide

In this ice cream shop, lactose intolerants are not left out, the creators of the famous LucDuc think of everything and have lactose-free options. We confirm that they are all irresistibly good and the space is located in a residential neighborhood of Lisbon!


  • Quinta dos Açores – Cais do Sodré

They use ingredients of our Portuguese island, Azores. Here you will be able to travel and get to know a little more about the flavors of our country in a glass or cone. It has more than 30 flavors created. The milk they use comes from cows that are raised in free range and very happy, and who are we desagree.


  • Surf – Areeiro

This is one of the most sought after ice cream parlors in Lisbon, and certainly caters for all tastes, it has more than 50 flavors created. Surf was founded in 1978 and until today it has its doors open to all sweet tooth.


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