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The 5 best typical Portuguese deserts

When visiting Lisbon even if you are not on vacation forget your diet! In this case, we will treat sugar as our best friend and present you the 5 best desserts typical of Portugal and where you can find them in Lisbon.


  1. Sericaia
    This typical Alentejo conventual sweet, has a soft texture and brings that sweetness that is missing from the table. The Magano, located in Campo de Ourique in Lisbon, serves, in addition to delicious Alentejo dishes for a special dinner, the famous sericaia.
  2. Bolo de Bolacha
    Casa da Esquina da Fé is a Portuguese tavern that serves generous portions of typical Portuguese cuisine. The desserts are homemade, and their biscuit cake is very creamy, but at the same time firm. It is a great option to finish your meal.
  3. Pudim Abade de Priscos
    This sweet is typical of the region of Braga, made with lots of eggs, sugar and bacon. Casa dos Eggs Moles is the ideal place to enjoy a good coffee accompanied by this Portuguese conventual sweet.
  4. Ovos Moles
    This sweet is typical of the Aveiro region. Fortunately, Casa dos Ovos Moles, located in Lisbon’s Estrela neighborhood, sells individual servings. Try to resist eating only 1, in the end, you will leave with a box with a few more units for later.
  5. Pastel de Tentugal
    Although this sweet is typical of the Tentúgal area, we managed to find this delicacy in Lisbon. The Pousadinha (Cais do Sodré) follows the traditional recipe of the 16th century Carmelite nuns.


Of course, the famous pastel de nata is also a dessert to be tasted during your stay. Check our recommendations of The 5 best Portuguese-egg-tarts in Lisbon

After tasting all these Portuguese delicacies, it is worth taking tours that demand a beautiful walk! Check here our list of neighborhoods to explore in Lisbon.