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The 7 best Portuguese taverns in Lisbon

In Lisbon, people eat very well, even in restaurants that do not show “luxury and status”. The famous Portuguese Tascas, which are typically modest restaurants that serve generous portions and good traditional Portuguese food. Normally, you do not pay more than € 15 per person (with drink included). Let’s go to our selection list of the 7 best Tascas:
  1. Tasquinha do Lagarto – Campolide
    This tavern excels for good food! It is worthwhile to order the famous octopus à lagareiro or grouper rice. Save space for the well-known biscuit cake with chocolate mousse.
  2. Adega Solar do Minhoto – Alvalade
    Here, there is no shortage of good Minho food, be it rojões (fried pork meat) and cod from Minho to lamprey, on demand when it is time. Arrive early, as the house is small and does not accept reservations.
  3. Cardoso da Estrela de Ouro – Graça
    In this house, the walls by themselves already demonstrate their art, whether by the drawings of Noberto Lobo or by the old-fashioned tiles that give a typical Portuguese look. But the most art is the one that comes to the table, known for the famous patties and croquettes, you should also try the kid or cod to the Minho.
  4. Das Flores
    Here everything on the menu of dishes available on the day has guaranteed success. From the famous cod or cod pastries to lagareiro to soups full of flavor. Get there early, as the capacity of people is restricted by the space being very small, cozy and well known.
  5. Green Apple – Santa Apolonia
    For a tavern, it is quite spacious and with lots of natural light. The famous chanfana (old goat meat) , cod and cuttlefish roasted in the style of the house are the flagship of this establishment.
  6. Verde Minho – Rossio
    Located on a curve in Calçada Santana, it serves half doses that are enough for 2 people. Dishes with preparations on the charcoal grill are the best part of the varied menu according to the days of the week.
  7. Zé dos Cornos – Mouraria
    Upon arriving and entering the tavern you will understand why the name of this space. Installed in Mouraria with wine from the land of Ponte Lima, its facilities have grills that make delicious meat dishes, such as the unmissable Piano, and fish, always accompanied by the famous bean rice.

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